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The Story

Two Sisters,
a Funeral Home,
a Town Villain and a Secret.
Welcome to…


We love a good Ghost Story. The idea for GARDNER & WELLS was born out of the love for and influences of the ethereal fun from Disneyland’s “The Haunted Mansion” and the ominous atmosphere of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. Recently, the Ghost and Horror movie genre has reveled in blood, gore, and violence – instead, GARDNER & WELLS harkens back to a time when storyline and visual style created the chills. We believe this approach appeals to a larger audience.

Death, Funeral Homes and Cemeteries are mysterious and unsettling but well known to us since we were raised in that environment. GARDNER & WELLS was an actual Funeral Home that exists today under a different name. It was a gathering place of people, stories and heightened emotions … a place that encouraged the dead to linger.

It is the perfect setting for the manifestation of one’s imagination.