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Meet the Cast

Meri Wells Headshot
Meriweather “Meri” Wells

The blithe older sister to Margaret Wells. Her infirmity draws her to the afterlife and the unusual events at the Funeral Home. Meri is eager to make contact with the “other side”, wondering what lies ahead.

Margaret Wells Headshot
Margaret Wells

The timid, bookish younger sister to Meriweather, with no interest in the “other side”. Margaret keenly observes the living and dreams of a life far away from the Funeral Home.

Elmira Gardner Headshot
Elmira Gardner

The beautiful, avaricious Villainess of the Town. Elmira wants it all and no one had better stand in her way.

William Wells Headshot
William “Papa” Wells

The devoted father of Margaret and Meriweather who operates GARDNER & WELLS. A widower, Papa raises his girls to follow their dreams beyond the Funeral Home… but sometimes fate has other plans.

Gardner and Wells Mansion

The Funeral Home housed in the stately mansion that is “home” to the Wells Family and others. Its history is long and mysterious, eerie events are commonplace… and secrets are buried deep.