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Living in a Haunted House (true story!)

Haunted house (a true story)

I was very young; 7 or 8 at the time. My Dad was called as a Minister to a small church in a small town in Northern California. The new construction house that we were going to move into was behind schedule, so we had to move into an interim house so my Dad could begin his duties at the church. Subsequently my Mother, Dad, older brother, two sisters and me, moved into a small one-story house and waited for nearly a year for our new home to be finished.

The temporary residence had no exterior warnings or foreboding appearances of what we think of when we think of a haunted house. Not even a decade old, it was in a middle class neighborhood and fairly well kept. There were no indications of the mysterious events that would soon unfold for all of us.

Once we moved in, my Mother noticed several round stains on the light-colored living room carpet. After scrubbing them with a carpet cleaner, they vanished. It wasn’t long before they reappeared. My Mother had this fight with the strange spots for quite a while until one day, one of the church members who represented a cleaning company volunteered to help us out. He was confident his new product would do the trick, and it did…for a few days…and then the inexplicable stains reappeared. I remember seeing this man at our house several times down on his knees using his miracle cleaner on the carpet, until he finally conceded that the stains were impossible to remove. “I think they’re bloodstains” he declared, and I never saw him at our house again. The “bloodstains” eventually won the battle and remained saturated in the carpet for the duration of our stay.