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Animation Stills

The cemetery at GARDNER & WELLS Funeral Home.The Funeral Home sign of GARDNER & WELLSTownspeople enter GARDNER & WELLS Funeral Home.What secret lies buried in the cemetery of GARDNER & WELLS?Mourners gather outside the stately Mansion of GARDNER & WELLS.Townspeople respectfully enter GARDNER & WELLS, the mysterious Funeral Home.Elmira Gardner, who has it all but wants more.Ravens flying overhead at GARDNER & WELLS give an ominous sign of what's ahead.Elmira Gardner's envy spins out of control.Elmira Gardner carefully measures her recipe.Elmira Gardner's secret potion is ready and waiting.Elmira Gardner's true self is revealed in the mirror.Signs helps direct mourners to the Viewing Room.Little Meriweather Wells sees her reflection as she tries out her static power at GARDNER & WELLS.Margaret hides behind little Meri Wells inside the Funeral Home - GARDNER & WELLS.The magic hour begins to cast its spell on Miss Knick-knack at GARDNER & WELLS.The newly departed rest peacefully in the dimly lit viewing room of GARDNER & WELLS.Little Margaret Wells looks on as her adventuresome sister Meri tries out her idea at GARDNER & WELLS.The shocking resurrection of Lydia Brenner.Little Meriweather Wells wants to do an experiment on one of the Elmira Gardner is thrown out of GARDNER & WELLS Funeral Home.Memorial pamphlets for Henry Ravenswood await the arriving mourners at GARDNER & WELLS.A post-mortem photo of one of the past Eerie post-mortem photo hangs on the wall at GARDNER & WELLS.Mourners arrive at GARDNER & WELLS on a rainy day for a Funeral of one of the Townspeople.The newly departed rest peacefully in the dimly lit chapel room of GARDNER & WELLS.It's time! Eerie sounds echo down the halls of GARDNER & WELLS.Miss Knick Knack waits patiently in the foyer of GARDNER & WELLS.Elmira covets all that she sees, especially GARDNER & WELLS.Margaret looks out onto a dreary day,A raven flies over an open grave.Elmira Gardner, the Town Villainess arrives for a funeral at GARDNER & WELLS.Miss Knick Knack carefully watches the post mortem photos at the Funeral Home of GARDNER & WELLS.Little Meriweather Wells shuffles her feet along the carpet at GARDNER & WELLS, trying to make a static shock.Elmira Gardner gets ready to enter the Funeral Home of GARDNER & WELLS.