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GARDNER & WELLS: Memento Mori (“Remember that you will Die”)


A Mort Photo of a Victorian Era Family.

We take photography for granted. Our lives are filled with “selfies” and the convenience and ability never before possible in the History of our world, to record and remember our family, community and context. Read More

THE BIRDS: Telling the Story through Wardrobe

Hitch and Head on “Family Plot” 1976

Edith Head is the most Oscar winning and revered costume designer in movie history. Alfred Hitchcock was known for making the clothes in his films a vital part of the characters portrayed. Put them together on “The Birds” and you come out with a wardrobe masterpiece.

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GARDNER & WELLS: Episode 2

Saul Films is thrilled to present the second episode in our animated web series GARDNER & WELLS. The distinctive yet odd sound of a vintage mimeograph machine opens Episode 2 of our gothic ghost story. Read More

GARDNER & WELLS: The Genesis

GARDNER & WELLS is based on an actual Funeral Home that still exists today and the story that it has generated has been alive in my imagination for quite some time. Growing up in and around Funeral Homes and Cemeteries, death was (is) a commonplace mystery not to be feared, but to be explored and pondered.

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GARDNER & WELLS: Episode 1 Private Screening Event

Thank you to everyone who supported Saul Films at our private screening event last night at Oak Park Brewing Company. It was a pleasure to share the first episode of the GARDNER AND WELLS Animated Web Series with you. We enjoyed seeing each of you and look forward to sharing more of the story. Congratulations to Jaime Tafoya for winning the door prize: a one of a kind piece by Paul Kreutz.

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GARDNER & WELLS Episode 1 Teaser

A tease of GARDNER & WELLS Episode 1 from the GARDNER & WELLS Animated Web Series by Saul Films has been uploaded to our YouTube Channel. The complete Episode will be released on Tuesday, October 13. #wediesecretsdont

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Living in a Haunted House (true story!)

I was very young; 7 or 8 at the time. My Dad was called as a Minister to a small church in a small town in Northern California. The new construction house that we were going to move into was behind schedule, so we had to move into an interim house so my Dad could begin his duties at the church. Subsequently my Mother, Dad, older brother, two sisters and me, moved into a small one-story house and waited for nearly a year for our new home to be finished.

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